Build and deploy custom AI models with just a few lines of code.


What is Obviously AI?

Obviously AI is the fastest and easiest tool to build AI models in minutes, without writing code. With Obviously AI's APIs you can build and deploy your own custom machine learning model automatically with just a few lines of code. Additionally, you can also automate predictions, integrate them with different services (e.g. Zapier, Bubble, etc.) and create customized predictive analytics dashboards for your internal team.

What's Possible?

With Obviously AI's low-code API, you can build, manage and automate machine learning models and predictions. Here's what's possible:

  1. Data Upload
  2. Data Pre-processing
  3. Building Classification, Regression and Time Series Models
  4. Extracting Model Information (e.g. Feature importance, Tech specs, Confusion matrix, etc.)
  5. Automating Predictions
  6. Automating Actions (e.g. If prediction is this, automatically do this)
  7. Sharing, Embedding and Updating AI Models