Upload a database to your Obviously AI account

The endpoints allow you to upload database to your Obviously AI account. The response object consist of 2 id's:

  • process_id - process_id can be used in /add-data/status to fetch the most recent status on your uploaded database.
  • dataset_id - dataset_id is a unique identifier string for the uploaded database to your Obviously AI account. It will be used with /predict endpoints to train a model


  1. db_type can take any of the following values:

    • mysql
    • sqlserver
    • postgress
    • redshift
    • bigquery
  2. To upload a Big Query database use the following payload

payload = {
    "display_name": "<display name for the uploaded dataset>",
    "db_type": "<Type of the database>",
    "bigquery_credentials": {
    "project_id": "<unique id of the project>",
    "dataset_name": "<dataset name>",
    "service_account_json": "<json associated with bigquery account>"
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