Real-time Reports

Get real time predictions, drivers and algorithm details for your report.

Using Obviously AI's APIs you can now export details of any prediction report you have created on the Obviously AI platform. These details can be visualized on your app to show your users or for any internal purpose. So, let's get started.

1. Create Prediction Report

This API endpoint only works with existing reports already made on the Obviously AI platform. To make a prediction report simply upload your data, go to the Predict page and pick a column you want to predict. This will generate a Prediction report for you, the details of which you can now export using the API. Here is a quick demo video for making a prediction report:

2. Get Report ID

To get your Report ID, simply copy the string after the from the URL of the report page. We will use this to identify which report's details we want to pull.

3. Calling the API

Now that we have the Report ID, we can use this along with our API Key to call the /user/report endpoint. Here is a quick coding sample:

-H 'Authorization: ApiKey <api_key>'
import requests

head = {
  'Authorization' : 'ApiKey <api_key>'

response = requests.get(
  headers = head


You can find detailed documentation about the /user/report endpoint here.

4. Other Actions

Additionally, you can also use the /user/share-url endpoint here, that will get you the shareable URL of your report page. And similarly, use /user/testing-results endpoint here, that will revert back with a testing set CSV. Learn more on the endpoints page.