Make sure your account is ready for API access

Obviously AI is the fastest and easiest tool to build AI models in minutes, without writing code. With Obviously AI's APIs you can build and deploy your own custom machine learning model automatically with just a few lines of code. To get started, ensure you meet the following pre-requisites.

1. Account Setup

Please make sure you have access to an Obviously AI Account that is on a Pro or higher tier. This ensures your account supports access to APIs.

2. Connected Datasets

Ensure that you have uploaded the relevant file or connected a live database to your Obviously AI account. This will confirm there is data feed on the platform.

3. Live ML Report

Please make sure you have a machine learning model or report created before you use the API. The goal with Obviously AI's APIs is to help you extract information (e.g. feature weights, tech specs, etc.) and make predictions on models that are already created in your Obviously AI account.

4. Get Admin Access

Ensure you are the Admin of your Obviously AI account. Currently, only Admins can use, manage and implement Obviously AI's APIs.

What’s Next

Once you have all the above requirements, you're good to go.