The Obviously AI API

Get started with Obviously AI's powerful predictions and analytics API in minutes.

What is Obviously AI?

Obviously AI is a No-Code Machine Learning tool that makes data science effortless by enabling anyone to instantly run accurate Predictions and Analytics on their data, simply by asking questions in natural language. Learn more on

Why build an API?

While our platform is built for business users, our APIs are built for technical users looking to setup Predictions or Analytics for their team OR use Obviously AI's powerful natural language features in their app. With Obviously AI's APIs you can:

  • Export your prediction results to your internal Dashboard.
  • Connect to external tools such as Zappier to automate tasks.
  • Give your users the ability to run predictions by integrating Auto-ML into your app.
  • Bring the power of natural language to your phone or web app for your users.
  • Make predictions about your users in real time and setup responses. E.g. Dynamic pricing - show your users a price they're likely to pay.
  • ... and much more. If you'd like to discuss a use case, email us on [email protected].

It's incredibly easy, so let's get started.

Getting Started

First, begin by ensuring that you have your Pre-Requisites in place and have successfully obtained an API Key. Then, simply run the following code to export your predictions.

-H 'Authorization: ApiKey <api_key>'
import requests

head = {
  'Authorization' : 'ApiKey <api_key>'

response = requests.get(
  headers = head


To explore other endpoints and what else we have in store, simply visit the API Endpoints page.

What’s Next

Start with your first tutorial - Getting real time predictions using Obviously AI API.