Extracting Features

Using Obviously AI's APIs you can extract feature weights and other information on the machine learning model you have created. This guide specifically focuses on AutoML models - ones that are created from large datasets and are often not time bound. Learn more about the both AutoML and Time Series on these links.

1. Make a ML model

First, you need to make a Machine Learning model using Obviously AI. For this, log into your account, upload a dataset and pick the column you want to predict. This will kick off the automatic process of Obviously AI building a Machine Learning model for you. To learn more, check out this video on how to build a Machine Learning model with Obviously AI below.

2. Call the API

Once you create a prediction report on Obviously AI all you need is your report id and the Access Token. This call we're about to make, will help us extract feature weights and more details of the machine learning model.

import requests

head = {
  'Authorization' : 'ApiKey <api_key>'

response = requests.get(
  headers = head


What’s Next