Creating Prediction Reports

Once you upload the data or connect the Database you are all set to make predictions !!!

  1. Navigate to the drop-down menu and select the dataset for which you want to make predictions.

2. You have the option to choose the columns which represent date and time using the Date/Time dropdown. Finally, pick the column that you want to predict using Pick a column to predict dropdown and click Go.
3. You will then be directed to a new window which gives the distribution of the target column and basic summary. Click on Start Prediction to get the prediction report.
4. Obviously AI will then clean the data and try out several machine learning algorithms with various hyperparameters and choose the one with the highest accuracy and best results.
5. Your prediction would be ready in a few minutes. 🙌 🙌

However, if the dataset is large, the predictions may take some time and you will be emailed the prediction report to your connected email address once the process is complete.